Torrid Literature Journal – Vol. XIX A Portrait of Hope

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Date: January 26, 2017

After a brief hiatus TL Publishing Group LLC makes a remarkable return to the literary scene in time to celebrate five amazing years in the publishing industry. Their latest release of the Torrid Literature Journal: Volume XIX - A Portrait of Hope starts off with an interview featuring Poetic Kiss, a local artist from Tampa, Florida. Kiss shares personal insights from her journey as a growing artist. This interview sets the stage for the new literary material that follows.

In continuing with the celebration of their anniversary, TL Publishing Group has compiled together a wonderful collection of thought provoking poems and short stories that touch on the different facets of daily life from different perspectives. New and familiar contributing writers return to prove to readers that truth compliments beauty, even its darkest of moments. It also fosters hope, a vital lifeline that determines how people act and react.

What’s life without hope? People should be filled with positive hopes and aspirations at the start of a new year. An optimistic viewpoint is a must when it comes to planning out the year ahead. Furthermore, a new year leaves the door open to new possibilities. Join TL Publishing Group as they continue on their journey to connect writers with readers who are thirsty for literary material that feeds the senses, soothes the heart, and ravishes the mind.

Contributors: Poetic Kiss; James Hercules Sutton; Craig Evenson; Minass Richani; Milt Montague; Scott Thomas Outlar; Thomas Piekarski; Gary Beck; Jason Kirk Bartley; Tom Montag; Nicholas Froumis; Debra Wendt; Robert Joe Stout; Danny P. Barbare; Dave Darr; Wayne Burke; Carl Scharwath; Scott Lauditi; Maggie Hess; Patrick Theron Erickson; Nathan Smith; Erren Kelly; Jacob Erin-Cilberto; Charles Kerlin; J.H. Johns; S. F. Siddiqui; Justin Rose; Matt McGowan; Michael Hardcastle; James Scott BlackmonRelease

Size: 8.5" x 11" | 50 pages

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