Torrid Literature Journal – Vol. XII Tension

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Release Date: October 1, 2014

TL Publishing Group wraps up their 2014 year with the Torrid Literature Journal – Volume XII Tension. The work in this volume flawlessly captures the attractiveness of literature as it presents readers with a fine collection of literary material that will put their senses and imagination to work.

The Volume XII writers shed necessary light on the fact that writing is not a means to an end. It is a start to a new beginning. Writing allows people to clear their heart and mind of the clutter and other matter that tends to build up overtime. In the middle of this clean up, people find hidden treasures and other keepsakes as they linger on a forgotten memory or a favorite dream. Other times, they stumble upon a painful
experience they’re fighting to escape or a situation they’re struggling to figure out. In any event, writers understand the importance of release and the risks of implosion.

Other highlights from this issue include a new interview with Joanna Kurowska, a writer, teacher, and editor from Evanston, Illinois. To finish, TL Publishing Group announces the 2014 winners of the Romancing the Craft of Poetry & Fiction Contest.

Lovers of the written word do not want to miss what the Volume XII writers have to say as they step up to the proverbial platform to share their memories, dreams, and experiences. Rest assured that each piece of literature carries its own weight worth every moment of the reader’s

Contributors: Joanna Kurowska ; Alicia Cook; Antonio Fernandez; W. S. “Eel” Bericuda; Jolene Munch Cardoza; Courtney Leigh Jameson; Matthew J. Spireng; Yongyu Chen; Ivan de Monbrison; A.J. Huffman; April Scott; Clemencio Bascar; Richard Hartwell; Leonore Wilson; Athar Pavis; James Tyler; Helen Companion; April Salzano; Beau Boudreaux; John Repp; Lee Busby; Andrew Bohn; Craig Cochran; Justin Rose; Bobby Teevans; Jeston Dulin; Desirée Jung; Erren Geraud Kelly; Rachel Vogel Quinn; Lorin Cary; Gloria Keeley; Danny Judge; Amy S. Pacini; Jennifer Palmer; Moneta Goldsmith

Size: 8.5" x 11" | 50 pages

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