Torrid Literature Journal – Vol. X Lost

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Release Date: April 1, 2014

Join TL Publishing Group as they celebrate National Poetry Month with the release of the Torrid Literature Journal – Volume X Lost. This latest installment in their literary series is their largest one yet with over 40 poems and short stories that perfectly capture the beauty of the written word. The poems herein are as diverse in style and format as they are in topic, yet they all have one thing in common, they all say something worthy of the reader’s attention. The same concept applies to the fiction content. Whether the stories provide laughter, tears, or some other emotion, they without a doubt will entertain the reader. They will capture the reader’s attention with the first opening line and hold the reader’s attention captive to the writer’s creativity. It is worth mentioning that something powerful happens when you combine the imagination of a reader with the creativity of a writer. The connection…the experience is dynamic.

There are several other features worthy of mention. The first is a must read book review of Weathering the Wilderness, which is a collection of poems by the late Richard B. Hoffman. Jacob Erin-Cilberto, author of Intersection Blues, is the writer of this reputable review that breaks down the entire book by giving the readers a look at the inside parts that make up the whole collection.

What’s more, TL Publishing Group always has an exciting event or literary happening that is taking place. Inside this issue, they announce the new members of their Hall of Fame for literary excellence. The 2014 members are recognized for their contributions to literature. Another announcement that will capture reader’s attention is the 3rd Annual Romancing the Craft of Poetry and Fiction Contest which started March 1st and continues until June 30th.

Readers can be assured that after reading this issue, they will be inspired to take their celebration of National Poetry Month to the next level by embarking on their own literary endeavors.

Contributors: Jacob Erin-Cilberto; Kay Gosack; A.J. Huffman; Tracey S. Rosenberg; Marissa Laven; Mariel Arriola, Heather Hartung; Kira Webster; Vincent Miskell; George Freek; Nathan Smith; Arpa Makhopadhyay; Miriam Krischner; Clinton Inman; Anne Bise; Alyestal Hamilton; Chris Farrell; Jaimie Miller; Sarah Brown Weitzman; Mollie Kervick; Samontha Forbes; Deborah Rocheleau; Jason Hill; Christina Mengis; Craig Hart; Alexandra Ambrose; Jen Susca; Neha Praseed; Dionne Evans; John Kaniecki; Ankita Anand; Gwendylyn Martin; Kaitlin Artis; Suzane Bricker; Francine Garson; Noah Sebek; Chase Parnell; Kimberly Dorffner

Size: 8.5" x 11" | 46 pages

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