Enter the Gateway - Christian Anthology

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Title: Enter the Gateway

Release Date: August 1, 2013


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Jesus is everything. He is the execution of God’s promise concerning His people. Jesus is the key that gives us access, that brings us into favor and right standing with God. Through Jesus, we receive the Spirit of Adoption where we become apart of God’s family, gaining full access and right to His inheritance. 

Inside this book readers will find a collection of poetry where the underlying theme is hope, encouragement, and praise. Readers will discover they are not alone in the day to day struggles they deal with. These authors have struggles too, but after the test comes the testimony, which is the message conveyed herein.

These authors had a revelation concerning hope. They realized what would happen if they grabbed a hold of that Hope (“Jesus”) and never let go. They knew the access it would provide because they went through the experience of constantly pressing forward with reliance on the Word of God despite the appearance of the situation they were facing. This takes practice and strength so we must constantly encourage ourselves and one another to not give up or lose Hope. We must praise our way through every situation.

These poems will inspire readers to seek out this ‘Hope’ so that they may personally experience what this Hope can do for them and those they love.

Contributors: Jane Blanchard, Audrey Williams, Lisbon Tawanda Chigwenjere, Thomas Koron, Erren Geraud Kelly, Oneal Walters, Makeba Jackson, Richard Hartwell, David Schildroth, Cathy Baker, Carol Meeks, Nels Hanson, Marchell Dyon Jefferson, Michael Miller, Mark Nenadov, Jesse Chandler

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