Torrid Literature Journal - Vol. III The Forgotten Art

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Featured columnists, talented poets, and amazing fiction writers make Volume III of the Torrid Literature Journal a phenomenal edition. If you enjoyed Volume I – Rediscovering the Passion and Volume II – The Bare Naked Truth then you will fall in love with this must read third edition that contains a wealth of literary content. From the start you will be exposed to literary articles that intend to broaden a general writer’s knowledge base. This is only the beginning as you move forward to the largest section of the publication: poetry. With over 30 poems written by 20 poets, you will become immersed in the diverse collection that will quickly settle in your hearts. It is guaranteed, you will read it once, twice, and once more because you will become addicted to the effects your mind experience. The excitement does not end here though. The stories that make up the fiction section are bold, intense, and not for the weak. Get ready to have your mind held captive to the literary geniuses that make this publication phenomenal in its own right. Witness the power of a Torridian at work.


Size: 8.5" x 11" | 40 pages | Perfect Binding

Release Date: 7/1/12

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